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Start learning profitable pricing strategies and effective sales methods today! 

Pricing for Profit is an intense self-paced course for photographers who are tired of financially struggling in their business (and even their personal lives). Imagine... what if you could go into your sessions knowing you’re going to make an incredible profit that will not only get your monthly bills paid, but allow you to begin saving in a way that benefits you & your family’s future? Imagine knowing exactly why you’re pricing that beautiful album at the price you’ve chosen. Imagine not having to hard-sell your clients for a higher sale. Imagine walking into a sales session knowing you’re going to make AT LEAST what you need to make ends meet?  

Pricing for Profit is my 5 step process to a purposeful & profitable pricing and sales plan for your photography business. It teaches actionable strategies that will take you through a personal & business financial analysis, implementation of a minimum order requirement and session tiers, building collections and a la carte product offerings that motivate higher sales averages without icky hard-sell tactics, and even features the detailed process of in person sales sessions using psychological methods that result in increased earnings every time.  


What you'll get:

  • 7 video modules of intense education to increase your income & profitability
  • 5 educational workbook PDFs that coincide with Modules 2 through 6
  • Tons of downloadables, printables, worksheets, videos, and more
  • Student community for extended & collaborative learning


What People Are Saying:

I took Amanda’s P4P course last January and it was hands down the best thing I ever purchased for my business! Even though 2020 was a though year, I stuck to my new pricing! You guys….my sales DOUBLED from the prior year and not just for one or two clients….every single client! Her system works! I can’t thank Amanda enough! If you do one thing for your business this year, it has to be this!

Audrey Gambrel

I just had my biggest sale ever last night …… $3100. I am in shock and utter disbelief. Thanks Amanda Holloway for giving me the confidence and the skills to do it.

Sara Welch

OH MY WORD. JUST HAD A $2,400 PRODUCT ORDER WITH A MINIMUM OF $750! IM KINDA FREAKING OUT!! Thank you Amanda for helping me change my ways. Tonight was the first night I actually felt worthy of that kind of sale. The mom cried twice!!! So happy!

Kalyn Yeager

Amanda!!!!!! I had my first boudoir in person sales meeting today. I usually give the session and all the digitals for $400 because I could never get people to buy stuff. I used this to make my new pricing and I will be damned if she didnt buy THE TOP COLLECTION. I think I want to marry you!

Robin Seymour