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The Professional Photographer

Protect your business  against legal, financial, & liability ruin TODAY!

The Professional Photographer is an incredible course for photographers who are ready to protect themselves against legal, financial, and liability emergencies. And let's be honest, this is WHEN it happens, not if. Let me ask you some questions... how confident are you in your legal contracts? How about your business tax knowledge? And your business insurance? Most photographers learn the hard way when our business nightmares come true: an angry client who threatens to sue, an IRS audit, a client injury claim from an accident that occurred on a session; these are all events that happen EVERY DAY in the photography industry and most of us are just not prepared. It's time to be proactive and learn how to protect ourselves & our businesses NOW.

What you'll learn from The Professional Photographer course:

  • How to set up and maintain a LEGAL business
  •  How to make sure ALL aspects of your business are legally covered with different contracts & other legalities
  •  How to get an EIN, sales tax permit, and other necessary business requirements
  •  How to set up a business emergency fund & tax account that can actually make you extra money
  • The difference between sales tax and income tax
  •  The truth behind income tax brackets and how to use them to save your estimated tax payments
  • The different types of business tax deductions and how to properly record, categorize, and store your business receipts
  • Why having a retirement is so important and how to fund one
  • What to look for when hiring a CPA, Financial Advisor, and Bookkeeper
  • What liability & insurance coverages your business should have
  • How to make sure your business & equipment is covered with the proper amount
  •  How to classify your personal vehicle for insurance coverage in the case of an accident during a session
  • How to protect your business & personal finances and assets from liability loss